Welcome to Texas  Salvage and Surplus Buyers.  We are the United States’ number one salvage, demolition, asset recovery, and surplus buying company . We are a salvage scrap metal buyer.  We service all 52 states in the United States and the Gulf Coast region.  We specialize in industrial demolition, salvage and recovery, scrap metal clean up, property clean up and salvage, scrap  metal demolition, commercial demolition, marine salvage, marine demolition and towing, maritime salvage, salvage, plant salvage, and surplus  liquidation .  We  take pride in tearing down and buying steel structures.  We pay top dollar for all of your scrap metal.  We will come out take a look at your project and make sure you get the most money you can in the recovery phase.  We buy industrial plant equipment, chillers, boilers, electric motors, valves.  So please feel free to give us a call to get a quote on your industrial demolition, dismantling and demolition work.  Call Troy @ 832 356 9014.  We give free quotes on all of our services .



We do oilfield scrap metal salvage and clean up. We will be more than happy to recovery or clean up and pay you for your oil field scrap. Its does not matter if your on land or on water we will be happy to do your salvage tow or pick up and clean upfor you . We tear down oil rigs, production platforms, derricks, and scrap them at one of are locations in the gulf coast region, to make sure you get the most money for your metal. We do marine salvage and towing, along with oil field scrap metal salvage and clean up. We do industrial demolition in all of the U.S. and the gulf of mexico. Give us a call to get a bid on your industrial scrap metal salvage and demolition project to see what your metal is worth.


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We buy barges, ships, vessels, by the ton. We do free marine towing and salvage towing  on all your barges, ships, and vessels. If you have a barge that needs to be scrap , please give us a call. We scrap barges , ships, and vessels all up and down the gulf of mexico. If your barge is banked, wrecked, stranded, moored,or sinking  don’t panic we can help you . We can come out and cut up your barge ship or vessel right where it sets or we can tow it back to one of are yards. We have tug boats and trucks trailers with heavy equipment to a com date your every need. We scrap barges in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and all around the gulf coast. We pay top dollar for your scrap barges, ships, and vessels. We have several dry dock location in the gulf coast to take of you project fast and quickly.




We come out and remove all boiler, chiller,  air conditioning units, any large scrap metal salvage from your job site and offer you top dollar for it . We buy, boilers, chillers , air conditioning units from you for top dollar.  We can come out and do the demolition and removal for you for a small fee or we can buy the your salavge from you and take care of all your hauling needs. What ever your salvage, demolition, or metal recycling need is , we can help you. We do salvage and recovery to make sure you get the most money for your metal or your demolition job done for less money as possible. We cover all the U.S. and the gulf coast . To get a  quote on your scrap metal salvage . Give us a call @ 832 356 9014 for a free quote with same day service



We will come out and look at your project and make sure you get the most money for your metal. We get more money for our metal than your normal salvage yard pays . We buy metal in volume and process your metal to make sure you get the most money for your metal. We will break down all of your metal in to separate containers. Iron in one box , cast iron in another, stainless steel in one boxes, copper in one , aluminum in one. Then we will way the metal for you, so that you get top dollar for each one of your valuable ferrous metals. We dismantle, remove, and clean up all types of salvage scrap metal ,construction sites, industrial plants , warehouses, and metal buildings . We buy metal by the ton . So give us a call to see what your industrial scrap metal salvage is worth . call Troy @ 832 356 90145 for a free quote.




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